That's a man's job....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One of the questions on the 100-question pre-marital "test" that Adam and I had to take was about the roles of a man and a woman in a relationship. We had to put an "M" next to the responsibilities that the man should take on in the marriage and an "F" next to the role that the woman should take on. You could also put a "B" for both.

I don't consider myself a very liberal woman, in fact, I didn't really enjoy those women's studies classes that I took in college that bashed women who gave up careers to stay home with children and made divorce seem like it was an Ok thing to do. Of course I want to be successful and have a good job, but I also want to be a good wife and Mom (someday). Sure, there are some "M" and "F" jobs in a marriage, but there are also alot of "B" jobs.

Anyway, since we filled out this "test" 3 months ago, Adam and I have joked about that question. For instance we both put "car maintenance" as being a man's responsibility, so when the XM radio in my car didn't work, I said to Adam, "you need to fix maintenance is a man's job".

Last night, at 10:00 P.M., Adam was sitting out in my car in the cold, tinkering around with the circuit box on the dashboard while attempting to hold a flashlight and talk to the XM radio representative on speaker phone. I looked out there, saw his legs hanging out of the car and I felt bad that he was out there making a valient attempt at fixing it after he had been at work all day.

I felt so bad, in fact, that I put on my jacket, grabbed the dog, and went outside to help. So, the car maitenance job became a "B", even if all I did was hold the flashlight.

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In Memoriam....Cooper the Civic (2000-2009)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

After finding out that it would be another $2,000 to fix the Civic's transmission, Adam and I started the exhausting search for a new car. We looked at many, many cars, went to many, many places and I received lots and lots of voicemails and text messages (yes, car salesmen text you now) before we finally made an executive decision on the perfect car for me (and for my bank account).

So, it was tonight, that I said goodbye to Cooper the Civic through teary's amazing just how attached I was to that car, it honestly felt like I was saying goodbye to a good friend. All of the memories came back to me: the day my parents handed me the keys and how extremely excited I was, driving to senior prom, driving it around UD with the sunroof open, driving it to my first job. Buying a car on my own just seems like another huge step toward adulthood, not to mention a large financial responsibility.

Anyway, after sharing all of my heartfelt feelings about an inanimate object, I thought I would introduce you to my new ride. Adam claims that the fact that my last car had a name was what made me so attached to it, but I have already picked out the perfect one for my new Hyundai Santa Fe.'s Harvey:

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Snap, snap. I've won the picture tag award!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Globetrotting Bride tagged me with this Picture Tag Award. Here are the instructions
1) go to your pictures on your computer
2) go to your 6th folder
3) choose the 6th picture in that folder

I was lucky because my 6th folder was my "favorite pictures" folder! This picture was actually taken the night Adam and I met, back when I thought he was a loser frat guy. It was a toga party and I still have that blue toga! I think I might have it sewn into my dress as my "something blue."

The six people I tag are:
1. My sister, Carrie at DavisPartyof3
2. Carrie's friend, Drena from DrenaExplainsitAll
3. Nicole at ANotefromNicole
4. Cara at Cara'sCorner
5. Toni at ToniintheCity
6. Michele from Michele'sLife

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Soundtrack to My Night

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I really wish I was one of those people that could concentrate in any situation no matter what was going on around me, but I'm not. In fact I need total silence to pay attention and learn, which is why the girl sitting next to me in class is driving me mad!

Here is the soundtrack:
"cough cough sniff sniff" (I think she has the bubonic plague)

"crunch crunch" (she's like a size negative 2 and she just pulled a 5 course meal out of her brown paper sack)

"tap tap tap" (typing on what seems like the loudest computer EVER)

"hair up hair down" (over and over doesn't that make your hair a greaseball?)

"shuffle shuffle shuffle" (is it necessary to organize your whole binder during class?)

Not only is this girl a huge noiseball but she is also one of those goody goody know-it-alls that interupt other students, argue with the professor (one of my biggest pet peeves) and talk down to everyone in the class.

I think next week I need to find a new seat.

Side note: This blog entry was typed on my iPod during my 15 minute class break, and after writing it, I moved to a quiet corner on the opposite side of the classroom.