Friday, June 25, 2010

Today we are leaving for vacation! It’s the first time we’ve had off of work for an extended period of time since the wedding/honeymoon and stretched ahead of us are 10 days of doing nothing. After much debate about what we wanted to do this summer, we decided to spend the week at Rehoboth Beach. Why? One, it’s pretty much free (you really can’t go on a nice vacation for less that $2,000) and two, there is no pressure to get out and do things.

The one thing that sucks about vacation….getting ready for it. On top of work, 4 discussion boards to participate in and the 10 page paper I had to write this week, I also had a huge list of things that needed to get done before we leave for 10 days. All of the preparations: doing laundry, cleaning (I hate coming back to a messy apartment), baking and packing = exhaustion! It was 11:00 last night before I got everything done. Now, the car is packed and parked in the garage below my building and I will be picking Adam up after work.

We plan on lounging by the pool, going to the beach, catching up on sleep, walking the boardwalk, shopping and exploring the towns around Rehoboth. I’m also excited to take full advantage of my new Nook!

Avenue Q

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last weekend, Adam and I went to Philadelphia to visit my Grandma and see the off-Broadway show Avenue Q. My parents and sister had raved about the show and said it was hilarious and they were right. Some of the lyrics to the songs were very unexpected, but really, really funny. Even though it was a bit risque, I could hear Grandma laughing sitting on the other side of Adam. I would recommend the show to anyone.

This song was my personal favorite:

After the show, we went over to Pat's for a highly anticipated cheese steak (really, Adam had been looking forward to it for a month).


Overall, a FANTASTIC weekend!

Check the Glove Compartment

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

For months now I have been drooling over the Nook at Barnes and Noble. How cool would it be to be able to read any book you want, any time you want without having to lug it around with you? I worked some overtime in the hope that I would be able to get one before we head to the beach in two weeks.

Today Adam and I celebrated 4 years of being a couple. When we celebrated one year of being together three years ago, we went to Washington, D.C. for the weekend. On the way home he asked me to look for something in the glove compartment of his car and when I did, there was an IPOD in there for me! It is still one of my favorite memories.

Tonight after dinner, he asked me if I wanted to go get ice cream, so we headed out to the car. Just joking around I opened the glove compartment and said to him, "oh, is there anything here?" Little did I know, there actually was something in there! A NOOK!!!

Of course, I felt like a total idiot because I completely ruined the surprise, but I am still really excited about my new toy.


Hello Summer

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Does anything say summer like a fresh watermelon? I don't think so.



Full of it

Friday, June 4, 2010


Do you have someone in your life that you avoid like the plague simply because they are so incredibly full of themselves? You know that if you so much as say "good morning" to them, they will launch into a huge soliloquy about how their day is going, what they did last evening, what they had for breakfast, what their children had for breakfast, what nail polish is on their toenails and what color lipstick they're wearing today. OK, so I might be exaggerating, but people like that have really been bugging me lately. Do you ever want to say to them, "_________, do you really, honestly think that I care about what you just said?".

I consider myself a pretty good listener and most of the time I remember things that are going on in people's lives: coworkers, family, friends. But sometimes it's frustrating when a person doesn't inquire anything about you in return, or everything that you say somehow turns into something about them. Sometimes it's nice to hear, "Rachel, what are you doing this weekend?" or "What do you think about this?" instead of, "Oh, you're going to the beach this weekend? When I went to the beach last weekend I almost got eaten by a man-eating jellyfish...blah blah blah."

The jelly fish probably got sick of listening to them too.