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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last weekend, my mom and I went to an auction not far from our house.   I've been to auctions before, but have always been too young to bid on any of the items.  This time when we went, I was bound and determined to finally place a bid. Saturday morning, we made the 15 minute trek over to Hill's Auction in Landenberg, Pennsylvania.  It consisted of a huge warehouse-type room full of furniture pieces in all shapes and sizes.  After getting a bidding number, we found a seat on a very ugly, green plaid sofa and waited for the auction to get started.

Around 9:00, the auctioneer started the auction.  Multiple employees would hold up the item, and then the bidding would start.  For me, it was mesmerising.  My mom and I had noticed a couple of things that we were interested in bidding on and she picked up two pieces right away.  A few of the pieces I was interested in went above my budget quickly, and I was out of luck, but I still held out hope of losing my bidding virginity. 

After waiting for three hours or so, the two cute little antique side tables that I was interested in were auctioned off together.  My adreneline was pumping as I raised my hand to bid for the first time and before I  knew it, it was over and I had won them.  Following the bidding, Adam (who had shown up by this time), looked over at me and asked if I had even noticed who was bidding against me.  Honestly, I was so pumped up to be bidding that I probably bid against myself, but I was too excited about my purchase to care (it's obvious that I need to become more auction saavy).

I ended up paying $35 each for the tables, which I considered an OK deal considering they would have probably cost me around $50 each at a store, and these have character.  One of the tables just needed a little bit of cleaning up, and after a few coats of Old English, it was ready to go.   I displayed it proudly in our family room next to my favorite chair. 

As for the other table...it was covered in three coats of paint that was flaking off everywhere.  After much deliberation, Adam and I decided to give it a major makeover!  I'm finishing it up today, so look for a post about it soon!

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