Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last weekend Adam and I went down to Rehoboth to take care of a few things at his parent’s beach house. It was a welcome break after busy and stressful summer. I’ve been feeling down lately about work and Adam has been working some insane hours with his new start-up. He encouraged me to take the day off on Friday and make it a three day weekend, so on Friday morning, we packed up the new car for it’s first road trip and made the 90 minute drive down to slower lower.

I spent the day on Friday relaxing with a book outside while Adam finished up some work. On Saturday, we hit the road and took a scenic drive to Bethany Beach where we browsed some of the shops, walked along the boardwalk and soaked up the absolutely gorgeous weather. That night, we went to Lewes to admire the amazing houses and ended the night at our favorite Italian restaurant. By Sunday, it was time to pack up and head back home again.

It feels like life has been moving a mile a minute for us over the past year with house projects, family events, graduate school, work, overtime and starting new jobs. Now that things are finally starting to settle down (at least for me), I’m starting to look toward what’s next for me. Even though I complained about it, after being out of school for six months, I’m really starting to miss it. I’m so thankful that I have someone there to listen to my frustrations and encourage me to try new things. While I figure out the next step, I’m going to attempt to stay positive, roll with the punches and relax while I can because you never know what’s around the corner.

Goodbye Elantra

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adam has been driving a little red Hyundai since I met him six years ago. When I first started dating him, I thought he was so cool because his car was only a year old and it had a manual transmission (ooo lah lah), plus it was bright red. Sometimes he would pick me up at my apartment, take me to get ice cream and then we would sit in the car, listen to the radio and talk with the windows down. When he graduated and moved to Baltimore and I was still in Newark, I remember working on schoolwork and looking out the window waiting for his little red car to turn onto my street.

Four years ago, when we took a family vacation to Hilton Head, he taught me to drive it so that I could contribute to the 10 hour drive (alot of people have attempted to teach me how to drive stick shift and I pretty much just hate it). When I took my turn at the wheel sometime in Virginia, there was bumper to bumper traffic, I stalled in the middle of 95 with a huge truck behind me and I was so freaked out that I couldn’t get it started again. After that, I never got behind the wheel of the Hyundai again.

Since buying the house, we’ve noticed that we sometimes have a need for a car that can haul more stuff. In January, we went to the car show in Harrisburg and checked out a bunch of crossover SUVs, but didn’t really get around to researching and test driving any until about a month ago. Last weekend, we decided to put the Hyundai on Craigslist to see if anyone would be interested. Luckily, we found a couple in Newark interested in it and yesterday, Adam signed over the title. Hopefully this weekend we’ll go pick up our new car.

Adam always says that I get too attached to inanimate objects (i.e. I was almost in tears when I traded in my Honda a few years ago), but after spending a lot of time in that car with him, I’m definitely going to miss it (and the lack of car payment).